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Proactive PR: Graphic Design and Printing Company - Bournemouth

Proactive are responsible for creating and overseeing the We Love website experience. Proactive collaborate, design and bring all the elements together in one place to make it all happen. Proactive also print the lovely flyers that the guys at Tour Design created in collaboration with the illustrator David Tazzyman.


Net Business: Web Development Company - Brighton

Responsible for the programming, hosting and overall maintenance of the We Love website. Net business keep the machine oiled and the fires stoked!


David Tazzyman: David Tazzyman - Official Artist Website

David Tazzyman is the newest edition to the We Love Family, his fresh illustration approach has lead to an iconic series of designs for this years artwork. David has previously worked with Darren (The Boss Man) Hughes and it has been with great pleasure that in 2009 the team have all been able to work closely with David to produce a new look and feel that will be forever stamped in the conscience of the We Love party people. For more info contact davidtazzyman[at]


Tour Design: Graphic Design Agency - London

Tour Design are the back bone of all the graphic production for the flyers, posters and other identity based collateral that make We Love the wonderful colourful movement that it has become. Being long term partners with We Love they know what makes the team tick, which is why the identity has been able to evolve in such an impressive way over the last 4 or 5 years.


Live & Direct: Broadcast and Event Specialists - UK, Asia, Australia & Ibiza

Live and Direct are the force behind the Weekly Summer We Love Radio broadcasts, interviewing the DJs and producing stunning audio compilations of the very best music from the We Love camp. Tom Brown the host of each episode, has been producing the weekly and monthly winter shows for the past few years and certainly knows how to get the best out of all of our patrons. They really add the extra Dimension to make We Love what it is today.


Creative Cultures: Digital Media Marketing Services - London

Creative Cultures are responsible for getting the We Love message out and into the hands of those that 'need to know'. They fulfill the role of the social networking side of the We Love machine, ensuring that content is fresh and delivered to the right resources in order to create the greatest impact.

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