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Those great guys from Ghent, 2manydjs take their collection of everything from prog-rock to techno to We Love Space on July 8th. There's furry friend themed electronica in support with performances from The 2 Bears and The Mole. Consummate professionals Smokin' Jo and Ryan O Gorman complete the Terraza lineup. In the Discoteca it's a blend of classicist techno and its new movements in the form of Derrick May following on from Paul Woolford meeting Untold for an innovative back-to-back session. The Hot Chip DJs make a switch from their usual Terraza to display their harder edged sounds. Jem Haynes back-to-back with Luv*Jam get things heated in another vs. set.

The ever-present infectious enthusiasm of Moda boys Jaymo & Andy George will be lighting up the early evening on the Sunset Terrace alongside resident Jason Bye. Mr Doris and his After Dark soiree welcome a lynchpin of the NY party scene for over a decade - Nickodemus. Expect an intersection of urban and traditional rhythms from the world over. It's Kelly Love's Love Lounge in El Salon where she is joined by the omnipresent Bones, Simon "Mogga" Morell and Mudlove. Expect everything from dub-plates to balearic classics with Andy Carroll and Alfredo on the Premier Etage with Ian Blevins playing from midnight until close.
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