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The penultimate We Love Space of the summer sees more techno than you can shake a stylus at in the Discoteca on September 23rd. There's legends from both side of the pond with Detroit's Derrick May and Glasgow's Slam lining up purveyors of the new school Sandwell District, Technasia and resident Jem Haynes. The wide-ranging electronica of James Zabiela switches over the the Terraza alongside the crowd-pleasing eclecticism of 2manydjs and the refined tastes of Ian Blevins and Geddes.
On the Sunset Terrace, Jonathan UIysses and Ian C bring the feel good evening vibes with friend of the family Callum also appearing for the pre-midnight session. After Dark, Mr Doris welcomes his old buddies the Soundcrash DJs and idol Vadim's Ibiza debut for an extended session of world music filtered through an urban lens. It's a Disco Bloodbath in El Salon with Damon Martin and Ben Pistor. It's experience meets exuberance with Alfredo, Andy Caroll and Ben Korbel on the Premier Etage.
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