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The Innervisions collective of Dixon, Âme and Agoria make their penultimate appearance on the Terraza of We Love Space on August 19th. The peerless jazz meets soul meets house of live act dOP and warming sounds of Ryan O'Gorman appear alongside the peerless German crew. In the Discoteca it's everything that's good about main room bass. James Zabiela heads up proceedings and is joined by resident Paul Woolford going back-to-back with one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the original dubstep scene - Appleblim. Expect searing stabs and chords from label-mates Scuba and George Fitzgerald also, with Jem Haynes getting things moving from the off.

It's yet another collaboration on the Sunset Terrace when balearic buddies Andy Baxter and Ben Korbel go back-to-back. The indomitable live remixing of Funkagenda returns before things get pitched down After Dark when Mr Doris welcomes the herb-laced sights and sounds of AV maestro Cheeba. Tirk Records take over El Salon with resident Matty J and partner in crime Robert Needham up alongside distinguished Portuguese producer and remixer Tiago. On the Premier Etage, it's a combination of experienced hands on the unequaled roof terrace with Alfredo, Callum and Ian Blevins until the break of dawn.

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