picture of Paul Woolford
picture of Paul Woolford

With forthcoming music being released on Carl Craig’s Planet E, Steve Bug’s Pokerflat, and London’s Phonica label as well as maintaining a hectic global tour schedule playing key clubs globally such as Tokyo’s Womb, Frankfurt’s Cocoon, Warung and D Edge in Brazil,  and for the 5th year, he returns for his residency at We Love...

Initially inspired by the constant throb of the radio throughout his childhood, the seeds of Paul Woolford’s future direction were sewn by the time a record-collecting addiction kicked in properly during his teenage years. This insatiable appetite for musical stimulation has driven him to explore far beyond the cutting-edge house and techno that is his stock-in-trade, and led him down more experimental paths, embracing aspects of improvised jazz through his collaborative work with Paul Hession, and taking huge inspiration from the modern composition of Steve Reich. All this is distilled within the house and techno dynamic that Woolford has made second-nature and you can clearly see these influences emerging across various productions. 

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Paul Woolford - We Love...Pacha Sao Paulo
Recorded live from our show there on the 25th October this year Paul shows the South Americans just why he was chosen as weekly resident for us this summer.
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Paul Woolford Mix - 60 minutes on the floor - July 2010
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