picture of Ian Blevins
picture of Ian Blevins
picture of Ian Blevins



Ian Blevins is hastily becoming one of the islands defining features. Thanks to a weekly residency at arguably the greatest, and by far the most globally well-known night on the island, We Love… at Space, his profile gains pace with every set he unleashes.

Years of passionately listening to and searching for music, both new and old, has seen Ian’s style mature and has helped cultivate a sound that is now synonymous with his name. Tours in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the Middle East have peppered recent years, conquering countless venues along the way, including the world-renowned Playground Festival in Sydney, Garden Festival in Croatia, 360 in Dubai and Ministry of Sound in London to name but a few..

Never one to sit back in his downtime, Ian has been hard at work in the studio over the last few years ensuring his own productions match the standard he has set for himself in the club scene with records released and forthcoming on Audio Parallax, Disco Bloodbath, is it Balearic, Out of Bounds, Colour Series and Flight Recorder.

Back on the white isle in 2013 you can catch Ian at Space with continuing residencies at We Love… and Future Disco at Carl Cox. Add to this his regular gigs at the island’s sweetest party spots such as clued up islanders favourite Lo Cura, Rock Bar, Es Vive and venues spanning Playa d’en Bossa to San Antonio it’s more than a fair bet you will be treated to his trademark beats one night or another.

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Ian Blevins El Verano 2012

 When a DJ plays regularly at the club over the summer season, one would imagine that he or she would have a fairly good grasp of what tunes made the dancefloor rock. We Love resident Ian ‘Baby Hair™’ Blevins played an astonishing TWELVE gigs at the club this summer, ten on the Premier Etage, one in El Salon and then the perfect swan-song, opening the main terrace for Technasia the week before the Closing Fiesta. A little trip to Croatia for the We love Boat Party at The Garden Festival (a self-confessed highlight), completed Blevins’ industrious summer as part of the We Love crew.

As he does every year, Ian has put together a ‘best of the summer’ mix, picking out some of the records that worked both for him and the crowds over the 2012 season. Including the stand-out Geffen ‘Barnt’ which winded more than a few of us at We Love HQ this year, this mix is a lovely little compact representation of seventeen weeks of sheer symphonic delights.

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We Love... Ian Blevins 2012

 Ian Blevins is not only famed for having The Softest Hair In The Industry™ but also for his ability to mesmerise a crowd with his spellbinding mosaic of musical blends.

Delving deep into the realms of that magical genre they call “Balearia”, Blevins dishes up a resplendent swoosh of smooth yet funky beats. Playing almost every week on the marvelous Premier Etage this summer, Ian started life on the island as a flyerer. How he has grown. In direct proportion to the length of his delicate flowing locks, his symphonic prowess and power on the decks continues to rise in ascendance. And above all, he never, ever questions the buzz.

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Ian Blevins and the chocolate eggs

Always inventive with his titles and always spot on with the mix...

Move D - Things will come for those who wait - Uzuri
Lowtec Untitled - Workshop
Hunee - Rare Silk - W.T Records
Steffi - Yours - Ostgut Ton
Tal Klein - House on the left [Bicep remix] - Analigital Music
Lauer - HR Boss- Live at Robert Johnson
Bozsaga - Zen & The Art Deadline - DJ History
Chicago Damn - Heavens & Skyway
SCB - Loss - Aus
Jon McMillan - Saw you looking up - San Soda remix
MCDE - There's a truth - MCDE
Robert Wraume - Thora Vukk - Pampa
Sergio & Benoit - What Ive lost - DFA

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Ian Blevins - Adoramos Verano 2010

That's we love summer! A listen of what's been spinning at Ian's shows. From beach bars to super-clubs and everything inbetween. Feed your ears.

James blake - Limit to your love
Oneself - Be your own
Zev - Don't break it
Dr Dunks - Keep it cheap
John Waynes - High
Bad Rabbits - She's bad [Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap mix]
PBR Streetgang - j2thaB
Ian Blevins - Baby Please
Soul Clap - Break 4 Life
Tensnake - Around the house
Art Department - Without you
El Txef A - She kissed me first
Skudge - Convolution
Subb An - Soul Skool
Jay Shephard - Shelter
Soul Clap- Action satisfaction [lee jones
Bubbleclub - Violent Morning Moon [Dr Dunks remix]
Caribou - Sun

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Ian Blevins investigates the hallucinogenic properties of cheese.

After a recent increase in his liking of cheese and its different types, Ian noticed that the later he indulged in this particular avenue of pleasure that his dreams and thoughts began to become increasingly more warped than previous. For good or for bad, he felt the need to provide some sort of soundtrack to this mind television to help him through the dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, the creamy middles and to loosen the claws of the large cheese monkey on his back. Sweet dreams.

Grizzly intro
Soulphiction - Intermission - Philpot
Nicols Jar - Time for Us - Wolf & Lamb
illya Rudman - Who's crying now - Wolf Music
Manolo - Lose Myself - Delusions of Grandeur
ICube - Falling - Versatile
Flash and the Pan - Midnight Man - Epic
Locussolus - Gunship - International Feel
Mano Le Tough - Eurodancer -Mirau
Lykke  Li - Dance Dance Dance [DIxon edit] - Innvervisions
Four Tet - Love Cry - Domino
Shackleton - Blood on my hands [Ricardo Villalobos mix] - Skull DIsco
Masturjackor [Kink and Neville Watson remix] - Rush Hour
Schwarz Ame Dixon - Berlin - Innervisions
DJ Hell - U can Dance [C2 remix] - Gigolo
Shit Robot - Norfolk Nights - DFA
Its a Fine Line - Grease - Im a cliche
Grizzly Bear - Foreground - A Step Further Records

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Ian Blevins...describes the 3rd whisky as sha woddy woddy - Dec 09

Another belter from Blevins:


Buriel & Four Tet - Moth

Lawrence - Don't Forget

Tadeo - IO [Cassy m.o.ving mix]

Youandewan - 1988

Mike - Oi Vai Voi

Claude Von Stroke - Aundy

DPlay - Tschaka

Popular Tyre - Febbre del disco

The Machine Fuse - [Dixon DJ Tool]

Skunk Anansie - Because of you [Michael Cleiss remix]

Robert Dietz - Faber mix

Anthony Collins - Upright bass [Foog remix]

Basic Soul Unit - Things pass

Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot [C2 remix]

Elitechnique - Munich Emotions

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Queremos El Verano 09

A best of the summer 09 mix from Ian Blevins.


What he says about it:


"I've condensed alot of my favourite tunes from this summer that hold special memories of me or more people dancing a little more like a maniac than usual, on beds in beach bars and other interesting locations."



1. Efdemin - Acid Bells [Martyns Bittersweet mix]

2. Island feat. Caro - ? [Noze remix]

3. Donna Allen - Serious [Sell by Dave redub]

4. Bonar Bradberry - Carlos the Jackal

5. LCD Soundsystem - 45.33 [Prince Language remix]

6. Tensnake - Holding back my love

7. MCDE - Raw Cuts 6

8. Luciano & Guy Gerber - Arceniel

9. Andre Lodemann - Where are you now

10. Tony Lionni - Found a Place

11. Sonodab - ReiLui [Ekkohaus remix]

12. Fat Freddys Drop - Shiverman

13. Shit Robot - Simple Things [Todd Terje mix]

14. Florence & the Machine - Rabbit Heart [Leo Zero remix]

15. The Doors - The end

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Ian Blevins - June 2009 - Ian ponders the strategic location of carpet shops
  1. Japan - Ghosts - [Virgin]
  2. Force of Nature - Liberate [Libyus Music]
  3. Loui$ - Pink Footpath [Claremont]
  4. The The - Giant [Pilooski edit] [Dirty]
  5. Erobique - Endorphinmachine [Mirau]
  6. Animal Collective - my Girl [Dominoe]
  7. Loosefingers - Acid Bounce [Alleviated]
  8. Omar S - Day - FHXE
  9. Unknown - White Rabbit - Einfach
  10. Till Von Sein - Ovas [Cat and Dogz remix] [Dirt crew Recordings]
  11. Kevin Saunderson - Pump that Move [Samual L Session remix] [Planet E]
  12. Katelectro - Plug [Ottomatique Remix] [Mighty Robot Recordings]
  13. Georgio Morodor - Dancer [Warner]
  14. Radiohead - Reckoner [XL]
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Ian Blevins - DJ Mix 2008
Something a little different. Ian Blevins first came to our attention as recently as last summer. Those lucky enough to catch his sound excursions in El Salon and The Premier Etage at Space could do nothing but sit up and take notice of Ian's fine ear for a goove be it a 4/4 beat or a broken treat. This mix, recorded exlusively live for We Love...will make you yearn for the late afternoon sunshine that is now just a few short months away as Ian cruises through tracks from Metro Area, Zongamin and Mathew Dear. Expect the Unexpected.
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Ian Blevins, Is bird the word, or grease the word?

Answers on a fairly cheap postcard. fresh from his winter down under and returning to the white isle for another season pushing his claim for world domination, check out this freestyle mix from one of our favourite up and coming DJs, Ian Blevins, watch this space.

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