We Love Space team up with Vitalik Recordings to unveil a very special collection of music for their 2011 annual compilation.

Following in the footprints of 20:20Vision and Viva, Vitalik Recordings have taken the concept a step further by compiling the album from entirely unreleased material. The music comes from a diverse mixture of musical souls featuring 12 exclusive tracks from the likes of legendary production king Martin Buttrich, dubstep champion Appleblim, enigmatic talent The Mole, and touches on a torrent of rising stars such as Pezzner, Mark Henning, Hugo Barritt, Paul Loraine, jozif and Soulade - Vitalik label boss Ryan O Gorman’s production alias.

Highlighting some of the most inspiring music on the label’s horizon, the collection is an assortment of the label’s own artists, We Love's residents and characters that Ryan has introduced to We Love via his Burlington Project and Vitalik collaboration in the Red Box at Space. 

Spanning the genres, the resulting collection of music flows and ebbs from the early slow sultry grooves of The Mole's ‘Even now still us’ to the broken beats and colossal bass of closing Appleblim's ‘Moonlight’ constructing an old-school feel and drawing the listener into its deep and emotive soul.

All the tracks from the compilation feature this years We Love Space give-away CD which has been mixed by We Love's newest resident jozif and label head Ryan O’Gorman, this will be distributed throughout the Island by We Love… from early June.

The official singles release comes in late July with a limited edition vinyl sampler distributed by Word and Sound accompanying the digital release. 

we love vitalik cd cover



1. The Mole - Even Now Just Us 

2. Hugo Barritt - Downtime 

3. Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine - Flip A Coin  (digital exclusive)

4. Alex Arnout - Feel It

5. Mark Henning & j u g - Moors, Soulades Depthcharge Edit 

6. Joe Europe - Smash and Grab

7.  jozif - Gonzales 

8. Soulade - Thinking Of You 

9. Martin Buttrich - Space Babe

10. jozif - Skinwalker 

11. Pezzner - Don't Try It 

12. Appleblim - Moonlight


Vitalik Recordings was set up by Ryan O Gorman in 2009. The label taking its namesake from the same collective that orchestrated some of Ibiza’s most notorious free parties and pirate radio stations. Vitalik also hosted the early morning sessions in the Discotheque of Space where they first established their relationship with We Love. The label was created as an outlet for Ryan’s own productions and the wave of rising musical talent he sought to develop with more established artists like Agnes, Glimpse, The Mole, Gerd and Mark Henning. 


3rd July

10th July

4th Sept

25th Sept 

Plus more to be announced


24th July

7th August

21st August

28th August

Plus weekly resident at the Red box for Burlington Project (dates above)

For more info on Ryan O’Gorman and jozif please contact Melissa@maouris.co.uk / +44 (0) 207 729 1700 

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